Lungs specialist doctor in gurgaon

What is a respiratory doctor?

A respiratory doctor (or pulmonologist) is a specialist who specializes in rewarding and overseeing patients with conditions influencing their lungs.

Why you would see a pulmonologist?

Asthma – this is a typical condition influencing the aviation routes which are hyper responsive and inflamed. It typically presents with Pulmonologist doctor in Gurgaon brevity of breath especially on effort, hack and wheeze.

Constant bronchitis, emphysema and COPD – this range of conditions is commonly because of smoking. Brevity of breath and regularly hack are the typical indications.

Lung malignant growth – Often because of smoking lung disease can give hack, hacking up blood (haemoptysis), brevity of breath or chest torment.

Mesothelioma – this malignancy for the most part thought to be identified with asbestos introduction influences the covering of the lung. It can give chest agony or brevity of breath.

Interstitial lung ailment – countless conditions can cause fibrosis (scarring) to create inside the lung. This implies the local lung tissue is annihilated and patients generally present with brevity of breath.

Pneumonia – is contamination of the lung. It presents with fever, hack with green or yellow sputum (mucus) and here and Dr. Prashant Saxena there brevity of breath or chest torment.

Tuberculosis – a lung contamination

Pleural emission – liquid that gathers around the lung, can be because of a wide range of causes. Presents with brevity of breath.

What's in store when seeing a pulmonologist just because


A pulmonologist will start by posing you a few inquiries about your disease. How it created, activating components, your indications and the impact of any past medicines will be inquired.


Your respiratory pro will look at your heart and lungs. You should remove your shirt. With their stethoscope they will tune in to your breath sounds to get hints concerning the reason and seriousness of your issues