5 Things to Look For Before You Choose Your Lung Specialist

Lung specialists are referred to as pulmonologists in the medical industry. They treat the respiratory system's health issues, which comprises the lungs, airways, and respiratory muscles. Moreover, the airway consists of the nose, mouth, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi, bronchioles, and alveoli. Before you choose your lungs specialist, we would suggest you keep the following tips in mind:

Research the Doctor

One of the most important aspects, before you go any lung specialist in Gurgaon and Delhi, is to research the doctor's credentials. You can read about their skills, training, and experience from their official site and even check out their work history by reading patient testimonials.

For example, Dr Prashant Saxena is an Associate Director and Critical Care Head of the Pulmonology & Sleep Medicine at Max Smart Hospital. He underwent Westmead & Liverpool Hospitals, Sydney fellowship training. He has been a pulmonologist for the past 14 years.

Find Facts About the Hospitals

The next step before choosing your lungs specialist in Gurgaon and Delhi is to find facts about the doctor's hospital. You should check the facility pictures, user reviews of the hospital, quality, location, and usual queue time. You can know these facts from user experiences, calling for an appointment, waiting time taken when you reach the facility, viewing the premises, hygiene of the workforce, and the doctor's behavior.

Read Testimonials and Reviews

Once you have the top ten list of best lungs specialist in Gurgaon and Delhi based on the above two methods, you can see the testimonials, reviews, and ratings. Users often mention their first-time experiences or cure and care for a prolonged lung infection in testimonials, reviews, and ratings. Testimonials are available on the hospital & doctor's website, whereas reviews & ratings can be found on search engines, doctor apps, and other rating websites.

Insurance Coverages

Another critical step before you choose your pulmonologist is to check the insurance coverage of your treatment. Hospitals that are a part of the coverage would help you decrease your spending costs. Therefore, it would help you recover from your lung problems and cause you to make any questionable health decisions. At the same time, it will provide you with the best care and help you need to recover faster without worrying about the expenditure.


You would feel comfortable knowing about a hospital and its lung specialist if you have a friend, family member, or colleague who got treatment. So, ask any such person to refer you to the best lung specialists in Gurgaon and Delhi. They may even throw in a few tips before you have a word with your doctor. You would also feel comfortable speaking with a pulmonologist who has improved the health of a known person. Additionally, it will remove all your need to check out for hospital quality, doctor's experience, and maybe even insurance coverage.

Therefore, you can find the best lung specialist in Gurgaon and Delhi by looking for the five things mentioned above.