Lungs Specialist Doctor In Delhi

Lung cancer is the most widely recognized malformation in men. Tobacco and tobacco use in various structures is the most widely recognized explanation behind the development of malignant lungs. While smoking rates in most Western countries have decreased or are beginning to decline, levels have not yet declined in India and in districts like Haryana, where it is part of the neighborhood culture. . Failure to comply with the laws that prohibit smoking in open places in the nation has also implied that the rate of recycled smoke in non-smokers remains high, increasing the weight of lethal lung development. Normal growth of malignant lungs is also expanding in nonsmokers, especially women; The explanation behind this is not entirely clear. The increased level of pollution in the vast majority of major urban communities in India is compounding the disturbing problem.

The other major trial in this area is the exceptionally late presentation of these patients to specialists where conclusions have been drawn. Repeatedly, these patients are treated for piracy with piracy syrup or tuberculosis without significant time or delay.

The most specific finding of malignant lung development requires removal of some tissues from the tumor (biopsy). It is the most important advance in the discovery of lung malfunction and is important in deciding the specific idea of lung disease and looking for specific changes in cells; All these data are necessary to choose the best treatment option for the disease.