Corona virus is zoonotic virus which has originated from animals like bats, etc and is now causing disease in human beings. Novel Corona Virus, called COVID-2019 was first reported from Wuhan China on 31st December 2019.

Corona virus is a virus which causes usually causes infections of upper respiratory tract and Pneumonia. It has caused 2 major outbreaks in the past SARS-CoV in China and MERS-CoV in Middle east which were responsible for many deaths On December 31, 2019 China reported a cluster of cases of Pneumonia from Wuhan associated with seafood. This was later diagnosed to be associated with novel Corona virus, 2019-nCoV (Now called COVID-19) which falls into genus Betacoronavirus which is found in human, bats and other wild animals.

This virus has spread rapidly in china and other countries causing thousands of deaths and millions affected.

How is it transmitted among humans?

Close Contact with infected person

Droplets which are in the air ( after sneezing, coughing, etc )

When to Suspect Corona Virus Infection?

Common symptoms are :-



Running nose

Sore throat

Shortness of breath

Some people may have severe illness requiring ICU admission and these patients can have organ failures like kidney and heart.

How to prevent this infection?

Clean your hand with running water and soap after coming back from work or after contact with suspected person or article

Clean your hands with alcohol-based hand rub which one can carry with him/herself

Avoid close contact with person who has fever and/or cough or chest congestion

If you or your friends have flu-like symptoms such fever, cough, running nose or sore throat immediately consult a doctor

While coughing or sneezing cover your face.

Wear N 95 mask when in public transport or when in shopping areas/ overcrowded areas

Avoid eating chicken or undercooked meat in this season

Avoid travel if you are unwell

Avoid travelling to areas with outbreaks

Treatment and Prevention

There is no specific treatment (Antiviral drug) for this virus infection. Therefore there is only supportive treatment can be offered. Also there is no vaccination is available for prevention. Your doctor can help you by diagnosing the infection early and referring you to a specialised unit if required.